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Projects Under Urban Sector

Total Projects
Sl ProjectName PPPModel Project Cost (Rs in Crore) Status Approval Date
1 Solid Waste Management at Dehradun BOT Rs.24 Terminated NA
2 Solid Waste Management at Nainital BOT Rs.9 Terminated NA
3 Solid Waste Management at Haridwar BOT Rs.18 Operational NA
4 Commercial Complex Gandhi Road Dehradun BOT Rs.59 Implementation NA
5 Commercial Complex Gandhi Road Dehradun BOT Rs.59 Terminated NA
6 Solid Waste Management at Karnprayag (Appraisal) BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
7 Public Toilets at Kashipur O&MR Rs.0 Cancelled NA
8 Commercial Hub at Transport Nagar Haldwani BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
9 Indira Market ReDevelopment BTL Rs.260 Implementation NA
10 Municipal Building at Kashipur BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
11 Elevated Parks & Parking At Haldwani BOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
12 Waste to Energy DBFOO Rs.20 Bidding NA
13 Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturing & Fruit Processing Unit O&MR Rs.5 Cancelled NA
14 Restaurant/ Shopping Complex Haldwani BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
15 Restaurant/ Shopping Mall/ Shopping Complex Development Rudrapur BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
16 Movie Hall cum Shopping Complex Nainital BOT Rs.7 Cancelled NA
17 Parking cum Shopping Complex Bageshwar O&M Rs.1 Cancelled NA
18 Solid Waste Management at Mussoorie BOT Rs.9 Cancelled NA
19 Doon Ice Skating Rink Dehradun O&M Rs.16 Cancelled NA
20 Integrated Commercial Complex Transport Nagar Dehradun BOT Rs.36 Cancelled NA
21 City Center Dehradun BOT Rs.35 Cancelled NA
22 Integrated Processing Plant Dehradun BOT Rs.22 Implementation NA
23 Rajeev Gandhi International Cricket Stadium (RGICS) Dehradun O&M Rs.280 Operational NA
24 Development of Common Effluent Treatment Plants at Kashipur BOT Rs.106 Pipeline NA
25 Facade Improvmement & Management of MDDA Shopping Complex, Dehradun BOT Rs.13 Implementation NA
26 Bamboo & Fiber Board (Appraisal) Rs.0 Cancelled NA
27 Bio Medical Waste Management BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
28 Carpet Printing & Machine Made Tufting (Appraisal) BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
29 Chakrata Road reDevelopment Dehradun BOOT Rs.416 Cancelled NA
30 City Center at Kashipur (Appraisal) BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
31 Office cum Commercial Complex at Rishikesh (Appraisal) BOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
32 Rural MSME Product Vipnan Kendra DBFOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
33 Slaughter House Dehradun BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
34 Solid Waste Management at Chardham (Appraisal) BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
35 Parking plaza cum Commercial Complex (Doon Haat), Dehradun BOT Rs.46 Cancelled NA
36 Slaughter House Manglore DBFOT Rs.3 Pipeline NA
37 Mineral Water Plant Ganeshpur BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
38 Tourist Cottage Ganeshpur BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
39 Rural Marketing Centers (RMC) Rs.0 Cancelled NA
40 Integrated Solid Waste Management at Haldwani Cluster (Landfill & Composting Plant) BOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
41 Truck Terminal at Pantnagar DBFOT Rs.10 Implementation NA
42 Solid Waste Collection & Transportation Dehradun RUOMT Rs.0 Operational NA
43 Door to Door Collection and Transportation, Haldwani RUOMT Rs.0 Operational NA
44 82 mld STP Project BOT Rs.273 Operational NA
45 Installation and Operation & Maintenance of Smart Poles along with OFC cable BOT Rs.36 Bidding NA
46 Smart Water Management DBO Rs.53 Bidding NA
47 Har Ki Pauri to Chandi Devi Ropeway DBFOT Rs.149 Operational NA
48 Integrated Solid Waste Management Processing Disposal facility & biomining of legacy waste for Haldwani-Rudrapur Cluster BOOT Rs.17 Bidding NA