Uttarakhand Public Private Partnership Cell has been formed as part of ADB technical Assistance program from " Mainstreaming of Public Private Partneship in States". Under this program GoUk has signed MOU with DEA, GoI. Secretary, Department of Planning, GoUk is named as PPP Nodal Officer of the State. PPP Cell has been formed as society and registered under societies act 1860.


Proposed Structure of PPP

Objectives of Uttarakhand PPP Cell

Uttarakhand PPP Cell has been formed under the Department of Planning, GoUk under the Technical Assistance from ADB. The key objective of PPP Cell are to help Government of Uttarakhand (GoUk) to:-
  1. Assist GoUk to limit negative impact of non-systematic execution of PPP projects;
  2. Assist GoUk in creating a conducive environment for private investment so as to:
    • Find additional capital;
    • Utilize efficiencies from innovativeness, flexibility, cost efficiency, alternative management and implementation skills;
    • Provide value added to the consumer and the public at large;
    • Provide better identification of needs and optimal use of resources
  3. Assist GoUk to set up of a transparent, consistent, efficient administrative mechanism to create a level playing field for all participants and protect interest of all stakeholders.
  4. Assist GoUk to prepare a shelf of projects to be offered for PPP and take them forward with assistance of the owner departments through a transparent selection process.
  5. Provide necessary risk sharing framework in the project structure so as to assign risks to the entity most suited to manage them.
  6. Assist GoUk to put in place a mechanism to ensure the improved value for money assessment of all projects to ensure the incremental benefit to public by selecting right projects for public private partnership.
  7. Assist GoUk to put in place an effective and efficient institutional mechanism for speedy clearance of the projects.
  8. Assist GoUk to create a robust dispute redressal mechanism / regulatory framework for PPP projects.
  9. Assist GoUk in capacity building for PPP in state for various stakeholders.

Key Personnel

Mr. Rohit Meena
Additional Secretary , GoUk
Email :ceo.upppc@gmail.com
Shri Amit Punetha

Email : amitpunetha@gmail.com
Shri S. K. Sharma
PPP Expert

Email : up3c2008@gmail.com
Shri Nand Kishor Pokhriyal
MIS Associate, UPPPC

Email : uppcmis@gmail.com