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Projects Under Energy Sector

Total Projects
Sl ProjectName PPPModel Project Cost (Rs in Crore) Status Approval Date
1 Sarju Valley Hydel Project BOT Rs.43 Implementation NA
2 Eastern Ramganga Valley Hydel Project BOT Rs.74 Implementation NA
3 Khutani SHP BOOT Rs.189 Terminated NA
4 Kho III SHP BOOT Rs.34 Bidding NA
5 Kho II SHP BOOT Rs.34 Bidding NA
6 Seraghat SHP BOOT Rs.116 Bidding NA
7 Birthi SHP BOOT Rs.9 Bidding NA
8 Balgad SHP BOOT Rs.145 Bidding NA
9 Purkul SHP BOOT Rs.12 Bidding NA
10 Nayar SHP & Santudhar II SHP BOOT Rs.173 Bidding NA
11 Santudhar I SHP BOOT Rs.20 Bidding NA
12 Byaliagaon SHP BOOT Rs.22 Bidding NA
13 Kosi Valley Hydel Project BOT Rs.93 Pipeline NA
14 Bijapur (Tons) valley Power Projects BOOT Rs.13 Cancelled NA
15 Moderenization of Water Mill Gharats (Rehabilitation) ROT Rs.14 Cancelled NA
16 Interconnection of 14 microhydel project Bageshwar BOOT Rs.7 Cancelled NA
17 JV for Coal Block for Captive Mining and Power Generation BOOT Rs.226 Cancelled NA
18 Distribution of Electricity O&M Rs.0 Pipeline NA