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Projects Under Education Sector

Total Projects
Sl ProjectName PPPModel Project Cost (Rs in Crore) Status Approval Date
1 Rajeev Gandhi Navodaya Vidyalaya (Greenfield Project for Residential Schools) BOT Rs.73 Cancelled NA
2 ICT at 500 SCHOOLS BOOT Rs.76 Bidding NA
3 Day School (Primary Schools) O&M Rs.1 Cancelled NA
4 Teacher Attendence Monitoring System For Primary Schools O&M Rs.13 Cancelled NA
5 Degree College at Uffrainkhal BOOT Rs.14 Cancelled NA
6 Learning & Training Center (Engineering & Medical Entrance Exam) O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
7 Medical College in Almora BOOT Rs.77 Cancelled NA
8 Medical College in Rudrapur BOT Rs.240 Cancelled NA
9 ICT at 70 DEGREE COLLEGES BOOT Rs.14 Cancelled NA
10 Learning Center (English Language) O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
11 Setting up of ITI at Seven Locations BOT Rs.70 Cancelled NA
12 Polytechnic Institutes at 4 Locations BOT Rs.40 Cancelled NA
13 Mini ITIs across Uttarakhand BL Rs.5 Cancelled NA
14 Sanskrit & Karamkand Degree College Bhagwati Talaiya Pauri Garhwal BOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
15 Indian Institute of Information & Technology BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
16 Rajkiya Degree College BOT Rs.27 Cancelled NA
17 Sanskrit Degree College Dehradun BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
18 Day Boarding School BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA