Projects Under Bidding

Total Projects
Sl ProjectName PPPModel Project Cost (Rs in Crore) Status Approval Date
1 Kho III SHP BOOT Rs.34 Bidding NA
2 Kho II SHP BOOT Rs.34 Bidding NA
3 Seraghat SHP BOOT Rs.116 Bidding NA
4 Birthi SHP BOOT Rs.9 Bidding NA
5 Balgad SHP BOOT Rs.145 Bidding NA
6 Purkul SHP BOOT Rs.12 Bidding NA
7 Nayar SHP & Santudhar II SHP BOOT Rs.173 Bidding NA
8 Santudhar I SHP BOOT Rs.20 Bidding NA
9 Byaliagaon SHP BOOT Rs.22 Bidding NA
10 ICT at 500 SCHOOLS BOOT Rs.76 Bidding NA
11 Purkul to Hathipaon (Mussoorie Ropeway) BOOT Rs.285 Bidding NA
12 Waste to Energy DBFOO Rs.20 Bidding NA
13 Uttarakhand Health Sector Improvement Phase 2 BOT Rs.0 Bidding NA
14 Development and Operation of Uttarakhand Transport & Civic Infrastructure Collection System BOT Rs.10 Bidding NA
15 Hemkund Ropeway BOT Rs.50 Bidding NA
16 Cardiac Care Unit at B D Pandey Hospital, Nainital (Appraisal) DBFOT Rs.0 Bidding NA
17 Installation and Operation & Maintenance of Smart Poles along with OFC cable BOT Rs.36 Bidding NA
18 Setting up of tent colonies at Koti Colony DBFOO Rs.5 Bidding NA
19 Smart Water Management DBO Rs.53 Bidding NA
20 Designing, Financing, Constructing/Installing, Operating & Maintaining of Interactive Bus Stop BOT Rs.12 Bidding NA
21 Integrated Solid Waste Management Processing Disposal facility & biomining of legacy waste for Haldwani-Rudrapur Cluster BOOT Rs.17 Bidding NA
22 Development of Abandoned Bridges on Yatra Routes as Way Side Amenities in PPP Mode Lease Rs.0 Bidding NA