Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT)

Projects Under Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT)

Total Projects
Sl ProjectName PPPModel Project Cost (Rs in Crore) Status Approval Date
1 Janki chatti-Yamunotri Ropeway BOOT Rs.166 Implementation NA
2 Thuligad-Purnagiri Ropeway BOOT Rs.35 Implementation NA
3 Surkunda Devi Ropeway BOOT Rs.15 Operational NA
4 Khutani SHP BOOT Rs.189 Terminated NA
5 Kho III SHP BOOT Rs.34 Bidding NA
6 Kho II SHP BOOT Rs.34 Bidding NA
7 Seraghat SHP BOOT Rs.116 Bidding NA
8 Birthi SHP BOOT Rs.9 Bidding NA
9 Balgad SHP BOOT Rs.145 Bidding NA
10 Purkul SHP BOOT Rs.12 Bidding NA
11 Nayar SHP & Santudhar II SHP BOOT Rs.173 Bidding NA
12 Santudhar I SHP BOOT Rs.20 Bidding NA
13 Byaliagaon SHP BOOT Rs.22 Bidding NA
14 Diagnostic Centre Kotdwar BOOT Rs.12 Cancelled NA
15 Diagnostic Centre Pithoragarh BOOT Rs.12 Cancelled NA
16 ICT at 500 SCHOOLS BOOT Rs.76 Bidding NA
17 Degree College at Uffrainkhal BOOT Rs.14 Cancelled NA
18 Purkul to Hathipaon (Mussoorie Ropeway) BOOT Rs.285 Bidding NA
19 Rishikesh Neelkanth Ropeway BOOT Rs.33 Cancelled NA
20 Barsu-Barnala-Dayara Ropeway BOOT Rs.90 Pipeline NA
21 Mussoorie Kempty Fall Ropeway BOOT Rs.150 Pipeline NA
22 Srinagar- Pauri Ropeway BOOT Rs.150 Pipeline NA
23 Ranikhet Chaubatiya Ropeway BOOT Rs.75 Pipeline NA
24 Munsyari-Khaliyatop Ropeway BOOT Rs.75 Pipeline NA
25 Bijapur (Tons) valley Power Projects BOOT Rs.13 Cancelled NA
26 Medical College in Almora BOOT Rs.77 Cancelled NA
27 ICT at 70 DEGREE COLLEGES BOOT Rs.14 Cancelled NA
28 Interconnection of 14 microhydel project Bageshwar BOOT Rs.7 Cancelled NA
29 JV for Coal Block for Captive Mining and Power Generation BOOT Rs.226 Cancelled NA
30 Sainik Vishram Grah (SVG) BOOT Rs.3 Cancelled NA
31 Chakrata Road reDevelopment Dehradun BOOT Rs.416 Cancelled NA
32 Distillery Unit at Nadehi BOOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
33 Distillery Unit at Bazpur BOOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
34 Integrated Solid Waste Management Processing Disposal facility & biomining of legacy waste for Haldwani-Rudrapur Cluster BOOT Rs.17 Bidding NA