Viability Gap Funding (VGF) Means a grant one-time or deferred, provided to support infrastructure projects that are economically justified but fall short of financial viability. The lack of financial viability usually arises from long gestation periods and the inability to increase user charges to commercial levels.

VGF Scheme 2008 [English] | [Hindi]

Monitor Report

PPP Project Monitoring Report Formats

Uttarkahand PPP Policy

Government of Uttarakhand has issued Public Private Partnership (PPP) Policy 2012 on October 15, 2012. With the advent of PPP Policy state has shown firm committment to PPP as a tool for infrastructure development. Uttarakhand PPP Cell has been assiting state government in formulation and final release of the PPP Policy.

Policy has been formally published by State Government Gazzette Sl. No. 180 ( क ) and issued under Department of Planning Section -2 vide GO No. 538/XXVI/2(15)/2011. We are reproducinng the contents of Policy for benefit of all the stakeholders of the state.

These can be downloaded from th following Links:

Soft Copies of Procurement Rules Annexures

These are the soft copies of Annexures that are required to be submitted for approvals of PPP Projects, as per Uttarakhand Procurement Rules 2008.

You can download and use Microsoft Word to fill these forms.


Download All Four Annexures in One file