Urban Public Transport (except rolling stock)

Projects Under Urban Public Transport (except rolling stock) Sector

Total Projects
Sl ProjectName PPPModel Project Cost (Rs in Crore) Status Approval Date
1 ISBT, Dehradun BOT Rs.20 Operational NA
2 High Security Registration Plates BOO Rs.10 Operational NA
3 ISBT at 4 Locations DOMT Rs.14 Terminated NA
4 Bus Terminal Kotdwar BOT Rs.23 Implementation NA
5 Automated Vehicle Testing Lane BOT Rs.5 Cancelled NA
6 Redevelopment of 7 Bus Terminals DOMT Rs.87 Pipeline NA
7 Redevelopment of 14 Bus Terminals DOMT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
8 Smart Cards for DL, Vehicle Registration Certificate BOT Rs.32 Cancelled NA
9 Tourist Bus Transit Compound Rishikesh O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
10 Bus Terminal Haridwar BOT Rs.20 Cancelled NA
11 City Bus Services BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
12 Driving Training Institute at Haldwani BOT Rs.1149 Cancelled NA
13 Personal Rapid Transit System (PRTS) Dehradun BOT Rs.2250 Pipeline NA
14 ISBT at 4 Locations DOMT Rs.14 Implementation NA
15 Supply, Operation and Maintenance of 30 Nos Air Conditioned Fully Built Pure Electric Buses BOT Rs.41 Operational NA
16 Designing, Financing, Constructing/Installing, Operating & Maintaining of Interactive Bus Stop BOT Rs.12 Bidding NA