Build-Operate-Transfer Contracts
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Projects Under Build-Operate-Transfer Contracts

Total Projects
Sl ProjectName PPPModel Project Cost (Rs in Crore) Status Approval Date
1 ISBT, Dehradun BOT Rs.20 Operational NA
2 Nephrology, Dialysis unit at Coronation Hospital, Dehradun BOT Rs.5 Handback NA
3 Ayush Gram Bhawali BOT Rs.40 Terminated NA
4 Sarju Valley Hydel Project BOT Rs.43 Implementation NA
5 Eastern Ramganga Valley Hydel Project BOT Rs.74 Implementation NA
6 Solid Waste Management at Dehradun BOT Rs.24 Terminated NA
7 Cardiac Care Unit at Coronational Hospital, Dehradun BOT Rs.17 Operational NA
8 Nephrology, Dialysis unit at Base Hospital, Haldwani BOT Rs.5 Handback NA
9 Kosi River Bridge Ramnagar, Nainital BOT Rs.26 Implementation NA
10 Solid Waste Management at Nainital BOT Rs.9 Terminated NA
11 Solid Waste Management at Haridwar BOT Rs.18 Operational NA
12 Bus Terminal Kotdwar BOT Rs.23 Implementation NA
13 Commercial Complex Gandhi Road Dehradun BOT Rs.59 Implementation NA
14 Commercial Complex Gandhi Road Dehradun BOT Rs.59 Terminated NA
15 Hostel for Mentally Retarted Children O&M Rs.2 Cancelled NA
16 Rajeev Gandhi Navodaya Vidyalaya (Greenfield Project for Residential Schools) BOT Rs.73 Cancelled NA
17 Mobile Health Van (Roll out Phase) BOT Rs.72 Pipeline NA
18 Setting up 104 (Tele Triage) BOT Rs.5 Cancelled NA
19 Degree College at Uffrainkhal BOOT Rs.14 Cancelled NA
20 Rambara Kedarnath Ropeway BOT Rs.70 Cancelled NA
21 Rishikesh Neelkanth Ropeway BOOT Rs.33 Cancelled NA
22 Redevelopment of Inspection Houses BOT Rs.44 Cancelled NA
23 Solid Waste Management at Karnprayag (Appraisal) BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
24 Kosi Valley Hydel Project BOT Rs.93 Pipeline NA
25 Trauma Centres BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
26 Setting up of Tele Medicine BOT Rs.1 Cancelled NA
27 Centre for Infertility & Reproductive Health BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
28 Selection of TA for Tehri Lake Area Development as International Tourist Destination (Appraisal) DBFOT Rs.5 Cancelled NA
29 Redevelopment of 14 Bus Terminals DOMT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
30 Smart Cards for DL, Vehicle Registration Certificate BOT Rs.32 Cancelled NA
31 Commercial Hub at Transport Nagar Haldwani BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
32 Pumping Water Supply Scheme Dehradun BOT Rs.8 Cancelled NA
33 Municipal Building at Kashipur BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
34 Elevated Parks & Parking At Haldwani BOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
35 Cow Research Center Rishikesh DOMT Rs.7 Cancelled NA
36 Co-generation of Power in Sugar Mills BOT Rs.60 Cancelled NA
37 Tissue Culture Labs for Cane BOT Rs.1 Cancelled NA
38 Cow Shelter, Rishikesh BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
39 Staffing of Customer Care Executive (RAPDRP) (Appraisal) O&M Rs.3 Cancelled NA
40 Waste to Energy DBFOO Rs.20 Bidding NA
41 Cardiac Care Unit at Combined Hospital, Roorkee BOT Rs.3 Cancelled NA
42 Learning & Training Center (Engineering & Medical Entrance Exam) O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
43 Health City in Srinagar BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
44 Medical College in Rudrapur BOT Rs.240 Cancelled NA
45 School cum Hostel for Girls Street Children ROT Rs.7 Cancelled NA
46 Learning Center (English Language) O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
47 Setting up of ITI at Seven Locations BOT Rs.70 Cancelled NA
48 Polytechnic Institutes at 4 Locations BOT Rs.40 Cancelled NA
49 Nephrology Centre, Srinagar BOT Rs.1 Cancelled NA
50 Cardiac Centre, Shrinagar BOT Rs.16 Cancelled NA
51 Widening & Improvement of Rudrapur-Haldwani Motor Road (SH-5) DBFOT Rs.53 Cancelled NA
52 Widening & Improvement of Kathgodam- Bhowali Motor Road (SH-10) DBFOT Rs.35 Cancelled NA
53 Widening & Improvement of Nainital to Kaladhungi (SH-13) DBFOT Rs.100 Cancelled NA
54 Restaurant/ Shopping Complex Haldwani BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
55 Restaurant/ Shopping Mall/ Shopping Complex Development Rudrapur BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
56 Toy Train at Rishikesh BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
57 Bus Terminal Haridwar BOT Rs.20 Cancelled NA
58 Movie Hall cum Shopping Complex Nainital BOT Rs.7 Cancelled NA
59 Parking cum Shopping Complex Bageshwar O&M Rs.1 Cancelled NA
60 Solid Waste Management at Mussoorie BOT Rs.9 Cancelled NA
61 Old Age Home Dehradun BOT Rs.5 Cancelled NA
62 Song River Dam BOT Rs.750 Cancelled NA
63 Mussoorie Jhoolaghar Beautification BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
64 Hotel and Multipurpose Hall at Mussoorie BOT Rs.8 Cancelled NA
65 City Center Dehradun BOT Rs.35 Cancelled NA
66 Health City in Haridwar BOT Rs.312 Cancelled NA
67 Integrated Processing Plant Dehradun BOT Rs.22 Implementation NA
68 Uttarakhand Health Sector Improvement Phase 2 BOT Rs.0 Bidding NA
69 Development and Operation of Uttarakhand Transport & Civic Infrastructure Collection System BOT Rs.10 Bidding NA
70 Development of Common Effluent Treatment Plants at Kashipur BOT Rs.106 Pipeline NA
71 Facade Improvmement & Management of MDDA Shopping Complex, Dehradun BOT Rs.13 Implementation NA
72 Sanskrit & Karamkand Degree College Bhagwati Talaiya Pauri Garhwal BOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
73 Food Grain Storage Dehradun BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
74 Hemkund Ropeway BOT Rs.50 Bidding NA
75 Satelite Sanskrit TV Channel for Uttarakhand Sanskrit Academy, Haridwar BOT Rs.2 Pipeline NA
76 Slaughter House Dehradun BOT Rs.0 Cancelled NA
77 Slaughter House Manglore DBFOT Rs.3 Pipeline NA
78 Integrated Solid Waste Management at Haldwani Cluster (Landfill & Composting Plant) BOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
79 Three Star Hotel at Koti Arthur DBFOT Rs.38 Pipeline NA
80 Hill Side Resort at Ganjana DBFOT Rs.38 Pipeline NA
81 Lake Side Resort at Goran DBFOT Rs.37 Pipeline NA
82 Theme Restaurant DBFOT Rs.3 Pipeline NA
83 Upgradation, Maintenance of Tourism Assets at Tehri Lake (PPP) DBFOT Rs.5 Pipeline NA
84 Cardiac Care Unit at L D Bhatt Hospital, Kashipur (Appraisal) DBFOT Rs.0 Operational NA
85 Medical College at Kotdwar - Bhabar & Roorkee -Bhagwanpur BOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
86 Truck Terminal at Pantnagar DBFOT Rs.10 Implementation NA
87 Cardiac Care Unit at Combined Hospital, Kotdwar (Appraisal) DBFOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
88 Solid Waste Collection & Transportation Dehradun RUOMT Rs.0 Operational NA
89 Cardiac Care Unit at B D Pandey Hospital, Nainital (Appraisal) DBFOT Rs.0 Bidding NA
90 Cardiac Care Unit at District Hospital, Bagheshwar (Appraisal) DBFOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
91 Door to Door Collection and Transportation, Haldwani RUOMT Rs.0 Operational NA
92 82 mld STP Project BOT Rs.273 Operational NA
93 Development (Operation & Maintenance) of North Entry in Sub-Project at Kotdwar BOT Rs.11 Pipeline NA
94 The Uttarakhand Ethanol Plant Bazpur BOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
95 Installation and Operation & Maintenance of Smart Poles along with OFC cable BOT Rs.36 Bidding NA
96 Setting up of tent colonies at Koti Colony DBFOO Rs.5 Bidding NA
97 Smart Water Management DBO Rs.53 Bidding NA
98 Har Ki Pauri to Chandi Devi Ropeway DBFOT Rs.149 Operational NA
99 Govindghat-Ghangaria Ropeway BOT Rs.311 Pipeline NA
100 Supply, Operation and Maintenance of 30 Nos Air Conditioned Fully Built Pure Electric Buses BOT Rs.41 Operational NA
101 Designing, Financing, Constructing/Installing, Operating & Maintaining of Interactive Bus Stop BOT Rs.12 Bidding NA
102 Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Program BOT Rs.0 Pipeline NA
103 Development of Hotel Alaknanda at Haridwar as 4 or 5 star Hotel DBFOT Rs.47 Pipeline NA
104 Development of Business Hotel cum commercial complex at Patel Nagar, Dehradun DBFOT Rs.10 Pipeline NA