Management Contract (O&M)

Projects Under Management Contract (O&M)

Total Projects
Sl ProjectName PPPModel Project Cost (Rs in Crore) Status Approval Date
1 Mobile Health Vans/Hospital Units O&M Rs.23 Handback NA
2 MRI at Doon Hospital O&M Rs.7 Handback NA
3 108 Emergency Response Services O&M Rs.11 Operational NA
4 Asan Bird Sanctuary Resort, Dehradun O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
5 PPP at Community Health Centres Package 1 O&M Rs.45 Operational NA
6 PPP at Community Health Centres Package 2 O&M Rs.27 Terminated NA
7 PPP at Community Health Centres Package 3 O&M Rs.29 Terminated NA
8 Hostel for Mentally Retarted Children O&M Rs.2 Cancelled NA
9 Day School (Primary Schools) O&M Rs.1 Cancelled NA
10 Teacher Attendence Monitoring System For Primary Schools O&M Rs.13 Cancelled NA
11 Compost Plant Mandi Parishad O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
12 Soil Testing Lab O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
13 Running of Marketing Centres in PPP O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
14 Farmer Information centre O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
15 Staffing of Customer Care Executive (RAPDRP) (Appraisal) O&M Rs.3 Cancelled NA
16 Providing Health Services at Gaurigaon enroute Kendarnath Yatra O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
17 Physiotherapy Unit in Coronation Hospital O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
18 PPP at District/Base/Combined Hospitals O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
19 Hostel for Working Women at Pauri Garhwal O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
20 Learning & Training Center (Engineering & Medical Entrance Exam) O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
21 Air Ambulance Services In Uttarakhand O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
22 Learning Center (English Language) O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
23 PPP at Community Health Centres Package 4 O&M Rs.28 Cancelled NA
24 Rosin & Turpentine Factory at Tilwara (Rehabilitation) O&M Rs.4 Cancelled NA
25 Tourist Bus Transit Compound Rishikesh O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
26 Tehri Ropeway O&M Rs.15 Cancelled NA
27 Parking cum Shopping Complex Bageshwar O&M Rs.1 Cancelled NA
28 Doon Ice Skating Rink Dehradun O&M Rs.16 Cancelled NA
29 Rajeev Gandhi International Cricket Stadium (RGICS) Dehradun O&M Rs.280 Operational NA
30 Assessing the Economic Vaibility of Tea Plantation (Appraisal) O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
31 Distribution of Electricity O&M Rs.0 Pipeline NA
32 Reinn Basera O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
33 Water Supply at Haldwani O&M Rs.0 Cancelled NA
34 Mobile Health Vans/Hospital Units 2016 O&M Rs.23 Pipeline NA
35 108 Emergency Response Services O&M Rs.11 Pipeline NA
36 Ramnagar Convention Center O&M Rs.10 Operational NA
37 Cloud Resort Auli O&M Rs.0 Pipeline NA